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At Ladies and Laundry we know the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company to outsource your cleaning to, but we would like to share some of those benefits with you. As the best cleaning service in Cleveland Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry is bonded and insured. This type of insurance protects you in the off event that breakage happens or a cleaner is injured on the job. Our insurance would cover the damage or injury. That is not something that you would get with an individual house cleaner. We make sure to carefully screen and interview our team to give you the highest caliber of person to perform the cleaning. We always strive to be the best and want you to relax knowing your cleaning is being handled by the professionals. At Ladies and Laundry we pride ourselves on getting the details right. We want every nook and every cranny cleaned and we leave nothing unchecked. We enjoy cleaning your home, so you can come home to a relaxing and refreshed space. 

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