Ladies and Laundry is ready to serve you as the best cleaning service in Greenville MS. Ladies and Laundry is proud to provide residential and commercial cleaning services . We provide affordable rates, and the best service. Our cleanings will show you how much we truly care about your home. You will feel the difference the moment you schedule your cleaning with Ladies and Laundry. We provide excellent customer care. We are empathetic to your cleaning needs and will get the job done right. We understand that the task of cleaning can seem overwhelming. It can be hard to just get started. At Ladies and Laundry we will take care of your cleaning needs so you do not have to stress about it anymore. We love to clean and it will show in the care of your space and the level of detail we provide. 

As the best cleaning service in Greenville MS, Ladies and Laundry offers a variety of services. We offer residential cleanings, commercial cleaning, office cleaning and move in or move out cleanings. For commercial cleanings we offer our services to stores, and managed property and offices. Cleaning the common areas, bathrooms or other spaces can be overwhelming when you are trying to juggle your daily tasks when operating a business. Outsource the cleaning of your space to Ladies and Laundry. We understand that you have more important business to attend to than cleaning. We would be happy to serve you with our staff of professional cleaners. We will get your business, offices, and common areas clean and sparkling so you have time to operate your business and not worry about the cleaning task. We want you to have the down time you need to spend with friends and family. Ladies and Laundry is here to serve you as the best cleaning service in Greenville MS. 

Some of the services we provide for your commercial cleaning needs include office cleanings, business premise cleaning and move-in and move-out cleanings. We clean all types and sizes of offices within the area. As the best cleaning service in Greenville MS our team of professional cleaners will make sure to thoroughly clean your store front, regardless of the size. We will get the job done and we will get the job done right. Ladies and Laundry also performs move and move out cleanings for commercial clients. If you are the business owner or you have a tenant moving in or out of a space, our insured and bonded cleaners will make sure to touch all surfaces to give you a refreshed space. We want you to be able to move in or move out of a space with ease and what better way to wrap up that process by having the space professional cleaned by our team of qualified professionals. 

Ladies and Laundry has worked with many types of businesses and people in the surrounding area. As the best cleaning service in Greenville MS, Ladies and Laundry would love the opportunity to work with you. We know you have many choices when it comes to your commercial cleaning needs. Ladies and Laundry can give you the peace of mind that a professional cleaning company provides. We will make your space sparkle and safe for your customers, clients, or tenants. You will not find this level of certainty with an individual cleaner. We have found many clients say how unreliable an individual cleaner can be. They never know what they are going to walk into, or if the cleaner will show up at all. Ladies and Laundry will never let you down. As a bonded and insured company, we will show up and get the job done beautifully every time. So whatever your commercial cleaning needs are, call Ladies and Laundry today at  662-537-4888. You can also request a quote on our website at

At Ladies and Laundry we want the clients, customers or tenants that come to your business to feel comfortable, safe and have a good first impression. As the best cleaning service in Greenville MS, Ladies and Laundry will get the cleaning done right so you can focus on the business. We will tidy your office space and make sure all the furniture is well arranged and dust-free. We will make sure the windows are clean and ceilings are free of cobwebs. Ladies and Laundry is committed to exceeding your expectations in your office or commercial space. Some of the standardized items we will complete include, inside window cleaning, floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, kitchen cleanings, bathroom cleanings and conference room cleanings. We can wipe down all frequently used surfaces so your space is ready for the day or week. We clean for all types of industries including education institutions, manufacturing facilities and religious institutions. We hold a high standard of cleaning to impress you, your staff and your clients. We would love to see how we could serve you and your business cleaning needs. Call Ladies and Laundry at 662-537-4888 or visit our website at to get a quote. Simply click on the book now button to fill out a request for pricing. 

 We know you may have concerns when it comes to hiring a cleaning company. At Ladies and Laundry our bonded and insured cleaning professionals will make sure to lock up all doors if requested and keep your space secure. As the best cleaning service in Greenville MS, Ladies and Laundry is happy to provide services as much as you need. We have clients that request weekly, biweekly or monthly services. Some facilities do have us come daily as well. At Ladies and Laundry we will tailor a plan that fits you and your businesses needs. We always welcome feedback and can update any plan or service to fit the needs of your space. Ladies and Laundry is ready to help you get your cleaning to-do list done. If you have more questions or would like more information please give us a call at 662-537-4888 or visit us on our website at We look forward to serving you and meeting your cleaning needs.