If you are looking for the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi you need to call Ladies and Laundry today at 662-537-4888! Ladies and Laundry was founded by our owner Tashaka, a full-time mom and full-time employee with a full schedule. She knew the difficulty in keeping up with the cleaning of her home on a busy schedule. Tashaka realized how much better she felt with a clean and tidy home. She saw the difference it made in her daily life and wanted to provide that same feeling to other working moms, families, and individuals. Ladies and Laundry was born!

As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry provides an array of services. These services include residential cleaning, apartment cleaning, move in or move out cleanings, and cleaning of offices or commercial facilities. Ladies and Laundry is bonded and insured to protect you, your home, and your possessions. This gives you, the client, the piece of mind to know that you are protected. Ladies and Laundry wants you to feel safe, protected and give  you your free time back but having us take care of the cleaning in your home. Our cleaners will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest quality clean you have ever had. We want you to be thrilled with your cleaning! Reach out to us today at 662-537-4888 or online at www.ladiesandlaundry.com

At Ladies and Laundry our cleaners are incredibly detailed. We will get every nook and every cranny. As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry will get those hard hit areas like bathrooms and kitchens sparkling clean. Our cleaning professionals are trained to leave nothing untouched. In the kitchen our team will clean the exterior of all appliances, wipe down tables, bar tops and chairs, clean all countertops and the backsplash, clean the exterior of the cabinets, wash dishes, clean the sink, empty the trash, and clean the floors. Your kitchen will be refreshed and renewed. You will get to come home and finally relax after your cleaning by Ladies and Laundry.

As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry loves to clean bathrooms. We see some of the biggest transformations in client’s bathrooms. Some of the items we can check of your cleaning to-do list in the bathroom includes cleaning the tub or shower, cleaning and disinfecting the toilet, cleaning cabinets fixtures and cabinet doors, cleaning the countertops and sink, shining up the mirror and faucet, emptying trash and vacuuming and mopping floors. At Ladies and Laundry our team would love to get your bathrooms to sparkle like new again! This is just a small list compared to the over clean you will receive from Ladies and Laundry. 

At Ladies and Laundry our residential cleaners are trained to clean every room in your home based on your needs. Our staff is always professional and will greet you with a smile when they enter your home. They will introduce themselves and have you show them around.  As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, we want to make sure we get those major stress points in your home cleaned perfectly so you do not have to stress anymore. We know the importance of having a clean and tidy home. It can truly affect your ability to relax after a hard day’s work and give you the time you need to spend time with your loved ones or doing a hobby you enjoy. At Ladies and Laundry we know that you will love the level of detail and service we provide. We understand that every home and every family or individual is different. We will do our very best to meet the cleaning needs of your home, your family, and your life. We sometimes find that floors are the biggest stress point in homes and other families dislike cleaning bathrooms. We are here to support and serve you. We want you to be able to come home, relax and enjoy your home as the sanctuary it should be. 

As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry knows how nice it is to come home to a clean space. We, too, have our homes cleaned. We find it amazing how much more relaxed our family, children, and even pets are after a house cleaning. It is truly a a weight being lifted off your shoulders. It is difficult to keep up with kid messes and shedding pets. We know because we try to keep up with it too in our own homes. It sometimes can feel impossible. What we offer at Ladies and Laundry is a breath of fresh, clean air. Even if it is only for a moment, it is so great to be able to take that big sigh of relief knowing your home was professionally cleaned that day. Your home will look great and smell great! It is so important to sneak those perfect moments of calm into your day and Ladies and Laundry will bring that to your home with joy and a big smile on our face!

Ladies and Laundry would love the opportunity to work with you and bring you joy today! With spring approaching it is the perfect time to have your home professionally freshened up. As the best cleaning service in Jackson Mississippi, Ladies and Laundry will get your home spic and span. Call us today at 662-537-4888 to schedule your appointment or get a quote! You can also get a free quote online at www.ladiesandlaundry.com We look forward to taking care of all your cleaning tasks so you can relax in your home. To learn more about Ladies and Laundry and what we can do for you at your home, reach out today. We know you will love the clean and tidy home we can provide and we will do it with a smile on our face. We love to do the cleaning and we know you will love the result. Call Ladies and Laundry at 662-537-4888.