If you are looking for the best cleaning service in Jackson MS you have come to the right place! Ladies and Laundry is here to serve you and your cleaning needs. We provide an array of services to fit your needs, your budget and your schedule. Ladies and Laundry would love the opportunity to serve you and your home. Call us today at 662-537-4888 or you can go on our website at www.ladiesandlaundry.com to get more information. We are so excited to be able to help you get the clean you have been looking for in your home without the stress. Ladies and Laundry can give you your time back in your home!

As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry was born after our owner realized how much more free time she had with her children and to do the other things in her home that she had been putting off. She had a family member clean for her regularly and the light bulb went off. Tashaka wanted to provide this same service to others in the community to help them with the cleaning and stress less. She realized the value in having an outside cleaning service and Ladies and Laundry began their mission to serve others in the community with a valuable cleaning service. Ladies and Laundry provides the Jackson MS community with a professional cleaning service that is licensed, bonded, and Insured. This is the type of protection you will not find with an individual cleaner. We carry the liability in the off chance that we were to break an item while cleaning or get hurt while in your home. Many that hire an individual cleaner do not realize that because that cleaner is not insured, the homeowner could be responsible for any medical bill or other liabilities if the cleaner is hurt on your premises. With Ladies and Laundry we carry the risk to give you more peace of mind. Because we are licensed, Ladies and Laundry is required to meet a set of requirements to conduct business in the state of Mississippi. That means we are going to conduct our business properly and that we are a company you can trust. 

At Ladies and Laundry we maintain our professionalism from the moment you book with us to the billing after the cleaning and beyond. As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS you can be sure that Ladies and Laundry will greet you with a compassionate and positive attitude. We understand that keeping up with the cleaning can be tough. We too, have experienced the difficulty in wanting to spend more time with our family, friends or enjoying relaxing and wanting to maintain a tidy, clean home. It is so difficult to balance the two. With Ladies and Laundry you can have both. Outsource the cleaning to us! Call today at 662-537-4888 or visit us online at www.ladiesandlaundry.com

Ladies and Laundry can take the stress of cleaning off your shoulders. We can take care of the bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, laundry room, bedrooms, laundry and more. As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry knows time is precious. We understand the struggle of being parents, working full-time, owning a business and wanting a clean and tidy space when you come home or go to work. Life can get frustrating and busy and feel overwhelming when your cleaning to-do list continues to grow. But it doesn’t have to. Call Ladies and Laundry today and have us take care of the cleaning. We can be reached at 662-573-4888 or by visiting our website at www.ladiesandlaundry.com We know how amazing you will feel walking into a clean home after a long day. We know because we have utilized a cleaning service too. Everything will feel refreshed and renewed and you will be able to drop your shoulders and feel tension in your back and neck relax. It truly is amazing! Imagine how many projects you could get done, or all the time you can give back to your family without having to worry about the cleaning. At Ladies and Laundry we know time is short. We want to give you as much of your time back as possible. We can take care of your cleaning needs and laundry so you don’t have to.  Think of the possibilities! So much more time for your family, gardening, your hobby or your friends! We would love to give you the gift of time. Call Ladies and Laundry today at 662-537-4888 or for more information you can visit our website at www.ladiesandlaundry.com. We offer free estimates on cleaning your home and your business. We are available to answer any questions you may have or address your cleaning needs and concerns. We can tailor our cleaning to meet your needs. Reach out today! You will be so glad you did!

At Ladies and Laundry we care about you as a client. As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry’s professional cleaners truly care about you and getting your home to be a place of relaxation and a retreat from outside stressors. When we get home from a busy day, we want to be able to relax and enjoy our time spent in our homes. That can be hard to do if you value a clean and tidy home and you cannot keep up on your cleaning to-do list. That is where Ladies and Laundry is here to serve you! We love to clean and will be compassionate towards your needs and address any cleaning issues with a positive attitude. At Ladies and Laundry we would love the opportunity to serve you, your home, or your business. Call us today at 662-537-4888. We will always provide you with exceptional service and integrity. We are the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, because we are honest, trustworthy, and we aim to please our clients. Reach out today for a free quote or cleaning estimate at www.ladiesnandlaundry.com We are so excited to meet all of your cleaning needs!