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As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry comes to you as one of Jackson’s most highly rated cleaning companies. We are bonded, licensed and insured. We want to be the cleaning company you can trust while we are in the home and/or while you are away. At Ladies and Laundry your trust is our priority and we want you to be confident in the cleaning you will receive from our team of professionals. We want you to have a very happy and healthy home and we know that starts with a tidy and relaxing home. You can have this with our team of positive and professional house cleaners. We hire based on their attitude and work ethic and then we teach them how to be detailed and efficient cleaners! We want you to not worry about the cleaning and know that we are going to show up on the date and time we set up in your first appointment and we are going to give your home the best clean! We will even lock up if requested once we are complete. 

Ladies and Laundry will give you an overall clean and we can clean those places in the home that are often forgotten about until you are face to face with them. Like those pesky baseboards, cupboard and vanity fronts, the corner of the shower! As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry would love to get those places clean for you, so you can stop stressing about them. We don’t want your cleaning to do list to grow. We are here and ready to serve your home and give you the best clean so you can stress less. Sometimes we need to recruit help to get things done. Our daily tasks can continue to pile up while those deep cleaning wants and needs get left at the bottom of the list, because quite frankly we don’t want to do it. The wonderful part, Ladies and Laundry can take care of those cleaning needs. So many companies are available to outsource your home cleaning and maintenance needs. Ladies and Laundry is a company you can trust. 

As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry follow a checklist at every appointment so you get the same quality cleaning each time. At Ladies and laundry we want you to feel comfortable the moment we walk in to perform your cleaning. We pride ourselves on having a positive attitude to give you the best service possible. We know in the current times it can be hard to leave home or you may be working from home. At Ladies and Laundry we are totally fine to work around your family, your schedule, your children, your pets and your life! We know many like to remodel one room at time or have only certain areas clean due to life happening in the home. We are totally open to working around you and your cleaning needs. We are flexible when it comes to maneuvering through the home and or doing only certain rooms at certain appointments. We are here to serve you and understand that you need to live, work and move through your home. We will clean with minimal disruptions to your day!

At Ladies and Laundry we know you will love the clean we provide you and your space. We have services running from residential cleaning, move in and move out cleanings, commercial cleans and small office cleanings. We would love to give you a quote on your space today. Visit us at or give us a call at 662-537-4888. As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry uses technology to make your cleaning experience seamless. From the booking, to the on our way text messages, to our GPS based time clock system and our invoicing and secure payment portal, Ladies and Laundry wants to make having your space cleaned as easy as possible. After all, you’re looking for ways to make your life easier by outsourcing the cleaning, so we want to make sure the whole process from beginning to end and beyond is easy too!  That is what we do at Ladies and Laundry!

If you are ready to have help with the cleaning in your space, you need to reach out to Ladies and Laundry today! As the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry will make sure to help you get your time back in your home. We want you to spend more time with the ones you love and doing what you love. Call us at 662-537-4888 or visit us on our website at You also need to read our five-star Google and Facebook reviews. You can see what others just like you are saying about our fabulous cleaning service. These are honest and upfront from actual people who know the owner or have used our service! They put their trust in a cleaning company that is licensed, bonded and insured and are welcomed with the best cleaning service in Jackson MS, trustworthy and on-time cleaners and an overall positive experience. You can have this too, by calling Ladies and Laundry at 662-537-4888. We look forward to speaking with you about your cleaning needs!