If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, look no further than Ladies and Laundry. At Ladies and Laundry we understand how tough it can be to manage a house and everything else that life throws at us. We get it because we live it! Schedule a cleaning today and take back some precious time with your family and friends. There is no better feeling than coming home to a freshly cleaned house. Call us today at 662-537-4888 or fill out a booking request at our website www.ladiesandlaundry.com. You can also reach us by email at ladiesandlaundry@gmail.com. We offer several ways to get in touch with us for your convenience. We know you will be so happy you reached out to Ladies and Laundry.

As the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry wants to provide our clients with exceptional service, every time. We want our customers to know we are there to appease their home cleaning needs and we aim high to please at each and every visit. At Ladies and Laundry we are bonded and insured to protect your most valuable asset: your home. We are insured through progressive. Our cleaners have at least one year of residential cleaning experience, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing and are very dependable. Our insurance also covers your possessions in your home. We are careful not to break or scratch anything, but in the off chance that an anomaly would occur, it would be covered under our insurance and you, as the homeowner would not be reliable. We are human and we do make mistakes, but we will be honest and upfront with you. Ladies and Laundry will work to find a resolution with you. We never want to hide anything from you and that leads me to the very next reason you should hire Ladies and Laundry, integrity. 

Ladies and Laundry always focuses on a core value of integrity. As the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, we know it takes a lot of trust to allow a stranger into your most private spaces. Ladies and Laundry does not take that trust lightly. We focus on hiring honest and trustworthy cleaning professionals that have a compassionate and positive attitude towards helping others. We love to serve others and their homes. At Ladies and Laundry we pride ourselves on our trustworthiness. We carefully screen and choose only the most dependable and trustworthy employees to work for us. Many customers ask us if we screen our employees- we do, very carefully. We do a complete state and nationwide criminal background check. We also make sure that our cleaners have a clean driving record and insurance, so we do a driver’s license check as well. Many customers comment on what a joy it is to be in the company of our cleaners inside their homes! Our cleaners are all cheerful and friendly, they will greet you with a smile. We want you to feel comfortable with us in your home the moment you invite us in. 

At Ladies and Laundry we want you to stress less and let us handle the mess! As the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry was started by our owner Tashaka. Tashaka had her home cleaned regularly by a family member and realized how much more free time she had to spend time with her children and catch up on other projects around her home. She wanted others in the community to feel the same freedom from cleaning chores and give parents, families, and individuals their time back. The need for a trustworthy and professional cleaning service was apparent in the community, so Ladies and Laundry was born. We use all natural cleaning products and restrict our brand usage to seventh generation products, we care greatly about the health of our cleaners, customers, and our planet! If there is a super tough stain that is impossible to get out with all natural products, we will use a chemical based all purpose cleaner on occasion. We want to give you your time back to build memories, enjoy a hobby or conquer your other to-do lists. It’s time to enjoy the important things in life again. Leave the cleaning to Ladies and Laundry!

As the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry wants to take the stress of house chores and cleaning off your shoulders. We offer free estimates and serve the greater Jackson area. Call us today at 662-537-4888 or email us at ladiesandlaundry@gmail.com. You can also book your cleaning straight from our website. We offer several different ways for you to get in touch with us. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so as far out from your cleaning appointment as possible. We do charge a small fee for appointments that are canceled or rescheduled less than 24 hours from the appointment date. We do also take special requests for our cleaning appointments, just let us know whatever you need and we will see what we can do for you. 

We have an amazing re-do policy. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back and fix whatever mistakes that were made during the cleaning, free of charge. And we will do this whenever is most convenient for you. We want to make sure all of our customers are satisfied and happy with our services so that they keep coming back! We also have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning discounts making our services an affordable and practical option for our customers. We also occasionally have coupons and discounts on our website so be sure to check there regularly as well. As the best house cleaners in Jackson MS, we hold the satisfaction of our customers as our top priority. By choosing Ladies and Laundry, you will be choosing quality cleaners that you can trust with your most valuable asset- your home. Your satisfaction is a promise. Call us today at 662-537-4888 or email us at ladiesandlaundry@gmail.com.