Are you looking for the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS? The ladies at Ladies and Laundry are here to help you! No longer do you have to resentfully scrub the grime from your shower drains when you could be basking on a beach in Mexico, we are here to free up your time so you can do just that. Our mission at Ladies and Laundry is to give you your time back so that you can spend less time doing the tedious tasks of cleaning and most time doing the things you love. We provide regular house cleanings, commercial cleanings, and move-in / move-out cleanings. We have standardized checklists to make sure that you get the same great clean every single time, no matter who is cleaning for you on that appointment that day. We want to brighten your day and make your life easier by cleaning for you. Ladies and Laundry was created to take the stress of maintaining our homes while also being present in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

If you need just a single room in your house deep cleaned, we can do just that. For example, kitchens can be incredibly hard to keep up with if you have children especially! A clean kitchen becomes a non-priority when you have a family to love and take care of and a busy family life. Cleaning tasks often get neglected and it causes the parents nothing but stress! We are here to help. During a kitchen deep clean, we clean the inside of windows, wipe down all the window sills, and dust your blinds. If you have a ceiling fan that is reachable with a stool, we will clean that too! There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning a dusty ceiling fan. We will wash all of the walls and doors so that they are looking fresh and new. Just spot cleaning the walls in a room can make such an incredible difference on how the room feels. We also wipe the baseboards down, this is a favorite spot for pet hair and dust to build up on. We clean all of the molding and corners throughout the room, a very common place for dust bunnies and debris to hide. We also clean and sanitize all points of contact. In times of a pandemic, this is more important now than ever. Contact points include light switches, door knobs, door handles, cabinet handles, drawer pulls and all of the knobs and handles on appliances. Ladies and Laundry is the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS because we pay incredible attention to detail. 

One of the most despised tasks when cleaning your house is probably cleaning out your oven. Well i have some fantastic news for you, our cleaners will do this dreaded task for you with a smile on their face! You will be shocked to see how shiny and new your oven looks when we are done with it. It may not be a favorite task among cleaners, but it is definitely one of the most satisfying ones! There are just some of the reasons Ladies and Laundry is the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS. 

Another dreading cleaning task we’d love to take off of your shoulders is the chore of giving your fridge a good deep clean! Who has time to do that in their normal day to day life? Not most people! The ladies at Ladies and Laundry are here to help. By allowing us to deep clean your fridge you can have a more sanitary, more presentable and more organized space to store your food. We also will make sure the outside of your fridge and the top of your fridge are cleaned to the highest level of cleanliness. There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning a stainless steel fridge that was once full of fingerprints to a gorgeous and brilliant shine. You’ll forget your fridge isn’t brand new! We also wipe down all counters. If items are present on the counter, we will remove them and clean underneath. Then we will return those items to when they belong. If there are any stains or stuck on grime that are present on your countertop, we would love to tackle them! We will clean and polish your sink to a brilliant shine. Not only just your sink, but the faucet and all the hardware. We’ll even clean your drain stopper! If we can reach your light fixtures, we will clean those too. All of your appliances will be shiny and new looking by the time we are done with them. Another appliance we clean are toasters. So many crumbs like to hide underneath and inside of these things! Also, the buttons create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. We will clean and sanitize your toaster. These are just some of the things that make us the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS.

An area that often gets neglected when it comes to cleaning is microwaves. The ladies at Ladies and Laundry have all the tricks and tools to get your microwave looking shiny and new again! We will get your backsplash looking clean and splatter free. We also will clean the faces of all your kitchen cabinets and drawers so they are cleaned and polished and fresh. Every cupboard and drawer is cleaned inside and out. We empty the garbage and replace your can liner as well. Lastly we will clean and mop your floors. Call the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS today to set up your appointment! 

At Ladies and Laundry we really pride ourselves on our work. We are committed to exceeding our clients expectations at every single appointment. From the initial contact, booking process, cleaning, the follow up after, we aim to delight our clients every step of the way. Book your cleaning with the best house cleaning service in Jackson MS today and change your life for the better! We look forward to serving you.