Commercial Cleaning

The Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Jackson, MS

Affordable rates, top-notch service, and excellent customer care are what you can expect from
Ladies and Laundry for all of your commercial cleaning needs. 

First impressions last a lifetime for your business. 

Especially after the past year, it is more crucial than ever for your business to be clean, sanitized, and tidy. Both your customers and your employees will take notice, regardless if they verbalize their observations to you. Many of our commercial clients had their current employees cleaning their offices and commercial spaces. Not only is this not the best use of your team’s time, they typically don’t enjoy cleaning being added to their list of responsibilities. At Ladies and Laundry, we only hire team members who LOVE to clean and are passionate about making a difference in our client’s lives. This means that your facility will get the TLC that it deserves, allowing both you AND your employees to focus on serving your customers. Every single space, whether customer facing or employees only, will be giving the attention it deserves. 

Ladies and Laundry creates custom janitorial plans for every single commercial location we service, ensuring we deliver the attention and care your facility deserves.

Trustworthy Commercial Cleaners At Your Service


As the best commercial cleaning service in Jackson, MS, we offer the below services to our clients:

  • Office cleaning: We clean all types of offices regardless of location or size within the Jackson, MS area. Whether you need nightly, weekly, monthly, or somewhere in between frequencies, we’ve got you covered.
  • Move-in and Move-out cleaning: in case a tenant is leaving or occupying an office, our team of insured professional cleaners are always ready to assist. We don’t leave anything untouched. When we’re done, you’ll have nothing but a clean and inviting office!

To schedule a walk-through at your facility and to discuss your business’ unique cleaning needs, call or email us today!