If you are looking for a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS that packs a punch and adds value to your day you need Ladies and Laundry. At Ladies and Laundry we are licensed bonded and insured to protect your home and your possessions. We will bring all the tools and supplies and follow a standardized checklist that will leave after the appointment so you’ll know exactly what we’ve cleaned while we were in your home.

As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS Ladies and Laundry will pack as much value in your cleaning as possible. We will serve our customers with positive attitudes and make sure that you as the customer feel taken care of. Some of the things that are included in our normal standard cleaning our cleaning outside of all the appliances, to include the refrigerator microwave and oven, dusting and wiping off all surfaces such as tables countertops desks dressers Etc, and also wiping down Main door handles and doors if they are dirty. We will vacuum and mop floors in the home. Other services we provide our organizing clothes that are left out blankets and towels that are laying around. We will also do one load of laundry if asked, vacuum upholstery, and we will clean faucets sinks and dirty dishes as part of our normal cleaning service. Because we provide our own tools and supplies we will bring our own natural dish soap. In your bathrooms and bedrooms we pay great attention to detail as these places are usually heavily used and hit. We want them to be completely clean for you.

As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS we got a lot of satisfaction out of our before and after pictures we take in bathrooms. At Ladies and Laundry some of the detailed things we do in bathrooms include scrubbing the tub , shower and sinks, scrubbing the toilet including the base and behind the toilet. We will work to remove any iron or hard water buildup in the toilet bowl. We will also clean all points of contact which include light switches and door knobs, shine up any mirrors and outside of the medicine cabinet, make sure to dust any door molding and corners. We also do little details like clean the soap dish and toothbrush holders, cleaning towel bars and toilet paper holders, and wiping the exterior of the toilet brush and plunger container. To give your room an overall clean we will make sure the vanity top is cleaned baseboards are dusted and wipe clean exterior light fixtures are dusted if they are reachable by stool garbage will be emptied and floors vacuumed and mopped. You will come home to a sparkling fresh smelling bathroom

Ladies and Laundry‚Äôs highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, can give you a specialized quote on how long it will take to clean your home. How long it will take to clean the home is one of the most common questions we get from clients. Everyone’s home is very unique to size and how we all live. Two homes of the same size may actually take drastically different time requirements to clean to the level of cleaning ladies in laundry supplies. Initial cleaning of your home will typically take longer than a maintenance or regular clean as we bring your home up to a maintenance level. Once the initial clean is performed, your regular cleanings will become quite consistent on the length of time each appointment can take. We definitely want our detailed work to speak for itself. Depending on the size of the home and the amount of work required to clean, the time length it takes us to do with a cleaning can vary greatly. If you would prefer we could always do a walk-through of your home or we can work within a certain budget.

As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry wants you to be thrilled with your cleaning. Are business insurance protect your home and if a cleaner should ever be injured in your home or an item is damaged we can have that covered by our insurance. We will treat your home with the utmost care, but accidents do happen on a rare occasion. We will be upfront honest when a situation like this occurs and we will take care of any issues promptly and professionally. At Ladies and Laundry we also do background checks on every single employee. Are background checks consist of a national and Statewide criminal record check and a driver’s license check. Our cleaners have at least one year experience and residential cleaning and are well trained in house and on proprietary cleaning methods. We will move methodically and efficiently with the purpose to ensure both of your homes are as detailed as possible. Even after our amazing detailed cleaning, if you are not satisfied we have a redo policy! Are redo policy is if you are not completely satisfied we will come back and redo any missed spots or areas completely free of charge whenever you want. We stand by this and your satisfaction because we know how important it is do you have a professional service do the right thing.

As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry uses all natural products. We want your home to be clean, smell fresh and be safe for your children and your pets. If you have a particular product or scent that you would like us to use we ask that you do leave them in the comment section and will try to accommodate you. We do bring all our tools and supplies but if you would rather us use your products we can do that too. Ladies and Laundry is ready to serve you. As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS we will take special requests on your cleaning. Whatever your needs are don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly and we’ll see what we can do for you. Call us today at 662-537-488