Have you been feeling overwhelmed with the daily, tedious tasks that come with keeping a tidy house? Does balancing managing a home, family life and work life seem like an utterly impossible task that you can never seem to keep up with? Do I have a solution for you! Ladies and Laundry was started by our owner Tashaka, a woman who recognized a need for this service around the Jackson MS area. Since then, her business has expanded greatly. So much, that she recently expanded to several communities surrounding the Jackson area. In a very short amount of time- and due to lots of devotion and hard work by Tashaka and a team of excellent employees- we have become the highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS. We are dedicated to providing top notch cleaning services to all of our clients, and our services are always satisfaction guaranteed. When you get a cleaning from Ladies and Laundry, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what you will not be disappointed. Life gets crazy and just plain unmanageable sometimes. Let us take care of the tedious cleaning for you! Call us today or check out our website to get a quote. 

When you get a quote for a first time cleaning with us, the time frame and cost will be based on the square footage of your home. First time cleanings are typically the most lengthy and costly cleanings due to the fact that we want to get the home up to a maintenance-cleaning-only level. After that initial clean, regular cleanings typically take much less time and are less costly. You might be thinking, “What if the cost of that first time cleaning is not in my budget?” No worries! We can work with you. If you only want to pay for a few hours of cleaning, we can absolutely do just that. While we won’t be able to clean your entire house in that time frame, we will clean the areas that are of top priority to you. Then, if you book regular cleanings we will do a little more of your home each time to eventually bring it up to that maintenance level of cleanliness. As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, you can bet that you are getting top notch service from the beginning of your Ladies and Laundry service until the end and beyond!

The kitchen is where our cleaners commonly spend the most time working on. Before your appointment we ask that the countertops and table tops are free of clutter so that our house cleaners can clean all areas of your kitchen efficiently and with ease. This makes sense, given the kitchen is probably the most used room in most houses! It makes sense that it would need the most attention when it comes to cleaning. At Ladies and Laundry we understand that the important things in life are not scrubbing the stovetop, or washing the baseboards. It’s spending quality time with loved ones and we’re here to make your life a little easier. After your cleaning we would love it if you could give us a review and recommend us to your friends and family. Our clients will agree that the house cleaners at Ladies and Laundry are why Ladies and Laundry is a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS. When we clean your kitchen, every time we will take out your trash and wipe down the garbage can. Most people don’t realize how dirty their garbage can is until it gets a good cleaning! Contact us to book your cleaning today! Our phone number is 662-537-4888. You can also visit us on our website at www.ladiesandlaundry.com. We have an easy to fill out quote request form so you can see the pricing of your house cleaning immediately. If that price does not work for you, give us a call and we can work on your schedule and your budget. We are here to serve you and are so happy that you will have us come and take care of the cleaning chores so you can spend more time with your loved ones or doing what you love. 

At Ladies and Laundry the two big areas of the home we really pride ourselves in to make shine are the kitchen and the bathrooms. As the hardest hit areas of the house, we know it is so important to our clients for these areas to sparkle, especially when guests are coming over. At Ladies and Laundry, we use all natural cleaning products as much as possible, and use tools to get stubborn areas clean. Things like water rings in toilets and soap scum are no match for the tools we bring to our cleanings! As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, Ladies and Laundry’s professional cleaners will work smarter, not harder, as much as possible to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff as well as work as efficiently as possible. 

As a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS, in your bathrooms, Ladies and Laundry cleans everything top to bottom! We clean the toilets, the sink and countertops, the bathtub and shower, and always finish with a good floor scrubbing, making sure to get in the corners really well. In the kitchen, we clean the fronts of the cabinets, all appliances that we can reach, the front and top of the fridge and oven, the countertops, and clean all the floors. Especially in kitchens, we make sure to get around the edges with the vacuum wand because that is where crumbs often land. We can’t wait to make your kitchen and bathrooms shine just like the rest of our clients’ homes do! 

You truly can enjoy life more by outsourcing the cleaning to Ladies and Laundry, a highly rated cleaning service in Jackson MS.  Give us a call at 662-537-4888 or visit us on the web at www.ladiesandlaundry.com for more information. We cannot wait to serve you and get every nook and cranny clean so you can relax.