If you are looking for the top house cleaners in Jackson MS, look no further than Ladies and Laundry. We provide cleaning services for residential properties, commercial properties and vacation rentals. Our cleaners are extremely dedicated to their jobs to make sure that you are satisfied with your cleaning service at every single appointment. We are licensed and insured to protect your home and all of your belongings. No cleaning job is too big or too small for us and we will also work with you based on your budget so that we are an affordable option for anyone. We have two branches, one in Sparta WI and another in Black River Falls WI and we cover clients within a 30 mile radius of either of those branches. 

When we clean a new house, the first cleaning is typically the longest and most expensive cleaning while we get the home up a maintenance level. After that, the cleanings are typically much shorter as the deep cleaning tasks have already been done so we can just zip right through the house. When we clean a bedroom, we make the bed or change the sheets if fresh and clean ones are provided. We make sure that the furniture, mirrors, frames and all accessories are cleaned and dusted. We also will clean and wipe all points of contact in the room where dust and germs like to build up, such as door knobs, outlets and light switches. We will wipe the window sills clean and wipe all of the molding and corners in the bedroom as well. If you have a ceiling fan we will dust that as well, as long as it is reachable with a step stool. We will also get all of those pesky and unsightly cobwebs out of the ceiling corners so that the whole bedroom is left looking fresh and clean. We then will wipe and dust the baseboards in the bedroom and clean up any garbage that exists in the closets or on the floor. We will finish by vacuuming and then mopping the floors (if it is hard flooring). You will be left with a tidy room so that you can enjoy your time relaxing in a fresh and clean space. Call today to book an appointment with the top house cleaners in Jackson MS!

When our cleaners clean a bathroom, we typically start with scrubbing the entire tub and shower area. Many of our clients struggle with hard water build up in their homes. Our cleaners have all the tricks and tools to get rid of that build up so that you are left with a shower that is looking brand new again! We will scrub and clean the sink, again getting rid of any grime or hard water build up. Our cleaners will clean your toilet, scrubbing and washing every square inch so that it is spotlessly clean even down to the base of the toilet and behind. All points of contact inside your bathroom will be cleaned, such as faucets, door knobs, drawer pulls, outlets and light switches. All mirrors inside your bathroom will be cleaned to a brilliant shine with our lovely and environmentally friendly glass cleaning products. We will clean your soap and toothbrush holder, often times these little areas get greatly neglected and these are little details that make a huge difference to our clients. At Ladies and Laundry, we are dedicated to the needs of our clients. This is just part of what makes us the top house cleaners in Jackson MS. 

Our cleaners will wipe clean all of the molding and corners inside of your bathroom. We will clean and dust the top of your vanity, as this is definitely a favorite spot for dust and dirt to build up, and we often forget this spot exists because we rarely look at it. Our cleaners will wipe down any towel bars or paper towel holder or toilet paper holder. If the light fixtures are reachable with a step stool, we will wipe those down and dust them as well.  We will dust and wipe clean the baseboards in the bathroom. Our cleaners will even wipe down the exterior of the toilet brush/ plunger container. It’s these little details like this that make us the top house cleaners in Jackson MS. We will finish cleaning your bathroom by sweeping and mopping your bathroom floors. 

The kitchen area is perhaps the area that takes our cleaners the longest. This is because it is the most used room in the house for most families, and we want to make sure it is clean for you and that your whole family is comfortable spending time in that room. We clean and disinfect the counters. If there are any items on the counter we will remove them so that we can clean underneath them. We will spot clean all of your cupboard fronts where food splatters like to land. We will clean and scrub your sink to a wonderful beautiful shine. If there is any hard water build up, our cleaners know all the tricks and tools to take care of that for you. We will wash and clean the backsplash inside your kitchen so that it is clean and splatter free. If the top of your fridge is uncluttered, we will dust and clean that for you. This is definitely a favorite spot for dust to build up. Call and book an appointment with the top house cleaners in Jackson MS today.

At Ladies and Laundry, we know how hard it is to keep up with a clean house and manage families. We just expect too much of ourselves! Keeping a spotless house should not be your priority, that’s where we come in! We want you to be able to spend more time with your family and friend and just enjoying the things that you love doing. We want to free up some time for you! Book an appointment with the top house cleaners in Jackson MS today.